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Skipta / May 09, 2012

Okay, you can stop crying because gay gangbang isn't on the frontpage anymore now.

Just figured I'd add a few words here since I have reason to and a traditionally awful kill picture to back it up. Few people both quit and returned have asked if SK plans to come back as a raiding guild in MoP and the answer to that is no. People are still around, vent is paid for quite a long time still, site is still running etc but there are no plans for anything like that to happen.

The HC Madness of Deathwing kill is just an alt / leftover mains run with people from LR and Despair too. Name might still be around or show up in some new place but you probably won't see SK doing full guild runs in either 10 or 25 again. Was a blast the years it lasted, though!

And you're still allowed to make fun of Gille's pink suit. o/

Lastly, in light of recent events, it has been determined without any doubt that sweden does in fact suck rockcock.